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Paid Advertising On The 2Pac Web Site

EWS is proud of the 2Pac web site. It gets around 460 hits per day.... The 2Pac web site gets more traffic than any other web site of EWS. In addition, advertising rates on the 2Pac web site are incredibly low! Very Low Rates!!

Click Here To Visit The 2Pac Web Site

The Advertising Opportunities

Option # 1 : Banner Ad On Top Of Main Web Page
This will get you a very high click-through rate! Your banner is the first thing visitors will see when visiting the 2Pac web site! Music sites will benifit the most... $120/mo.

Option # 2 : Text Ad Near Bottom Of Main Web Web Page
A one line text ad between two lines near the bottom of the web page... It's not on the bottom! It's under all of the contents of the web site but is above all other banners! Yet, some visitors will miss the ad so I reduced the price A LOT!!! Make a creative text ad & you'll get more visitors!! $30/mo.

Option # 3 : Banner Ads On Top Of 2Pac Page & Biggie Smalls Page
SPECIAL!! BEST DEAL!!! If you advertise on the 2Pac Page AND the Biggie Smalls Page it will cost less! $30 Dollars Less!! Both pages get the same kind of visitors! Over 700 Impressions Per Day! This is prefect if you want A LOT of traffic to your web site... $200/mo.

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