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Paid Advertising On The Chat Site

The chat site gets around 250 hits per day... If your web site is chat oriented it will benefit more but the site does attract a GENERAL audience. Both advertising opportunities on this site involve an ad on the top of the page & on the bottom of the page! Yet, when you look at the rates you'll see that you are charged as if only one of your ads is displayed!! Very Low Rates!!

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The Advertising Opportunities

Option # 1 : Banner Ads On Top & Bottom Of Main Web Page
A banner ad near the top and bottom of the page!! You get two chances for the visitor to click on the banner! Very High Click Through Rate! $60/mo. (Guaranteed 7,500 Ad Impressions)

Option # 2 : Text Ads & Banner Ads On Top & Bottom Of Main Web Web Page
A banner ad near the top and bottom of the page AND a one line text ad between two lines near the top & bottom of the page!!! This will get you the highest possible click through rate!! A total of 4 ad displays!!! $70/mo.

Yes! I Want To Advertise!

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If you are not interested in any of those options you can just simply E-Mail Me with your advertising details. I'll be happy to do business with you!

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