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Eric's Tips On Promoting & Advertising Your Web Site

Welcome! I made this page to help YOU out with your web site... Here I got some tips that will help you build traffic to your web site!! Some you may have heard before, but I bet you haven't heard of a few tips posted here... Well, I hope this page helps you out!!

The Contents Of This Page

Trading Links With Other Web Sites

This is an easy & free way to advertise your web site!! Just go to web site that attracts the same kind of visitors as yours does... Then, e-mail the author of the web site asking to trade banner links! The author will probably says yes! You put that site's banner on your site, and the other site will put your site's banner on theirs! Both web sites get more traffic!!

Making An Effective Banner

When advertising your web site, your banner is what gets you the visits! You have to make an effective banner! You want people to clcik on the banner!

Lately, animated banners have been getting more & more popular! When I changed my banner and made it animated, the click-through rate improved A LOT!!! My click through rate improved by about 30%!!

Change is sometimes very important... People are more likely to click on a new banner than one they've already visited. YET, if you are advertising with most link exchange programs change is not as important because your banner is sent to tons of different web sites!! But, if your advertising on a single web page, change of your banner is highly recommended! You should change your banner every 2 weeks or so... Just "recycle" the use of your banners....

Even color matters! If you have bright colors like green or yellow your banner will get a higher click through rate! Stay away from colors like red, black, and white. (I have not noticed any change in my banner's click through rate when I change colors) (This piece of information is from "Smart Clicks".)

Free Advertising Of Your Web Site

LINK EXCHANGES! This is a really cool way to advertise your web site without spending any money! There are many of them to! Almost all of them work like this...
You include some special HTML in your page that displays ads randomly on your page... For every two times a banner is displayed on your page, your banner is displayed on another page!! As simple as that!!

Paid Advertising Of Your Web Site

Paid Advertising will get you A Lot of visitors! Why?? Because you can advertise on pages that get visitors that you think will click on your banner! You have to be careful though! The Internet has a lot of "bad people"!! Trust is a scary issue! Make sure all information the web site gives you is true, and just do some research on the web site before sending them your money!

I recommend for you to advertise on "E.W.S."! EWS is the home of many great sites on the Internet so one of their sites probably gets the same kind of visitors as your's does! The rates are very low too! Talk about low cost advertising! In most cases it costs around $10 per 1,000 Impressions! Usually it costs less than $10!! Click Here To Visit E.W.S.!

Making Your Site Easier To Find On Search Engines

Well, this is a challenge for me! I have done lots of research on this topic. I of course will not tell you everything but I'll tell you a few tips...
Meta Tags! You should include things called Meta Tags in your web site! They tell a description & keywords for search engines. To see an example go to "View" Then "Document Source" and you will see an example of Meta Tags!!

Also, make sure you have keywords in your text. For example, if you want people to find your web site in search engines when typing in "free". Then make sure the word "free" is used a lot in your text!!

The title can sometimes be important. You just have to make sure it is a descriptive one... For example, instead of just having the title as "The Zone". You should make it "The Zone : Tons Of Free & Fun Stuff!"

I hope you found these tips very useful...
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