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Paid Advertising On EWS

EWS is the best place to advertise your web site! The rates are very low!! The rates are hardly ever above $10 Per 1,000 Impressions!!! Plus, you choose which web site to advertise on! There are many advertising opportunities! You can advertise on the sites using text ads or banner ads! Why pay more on a web site that will generate you a lower click through rate????
EWS is the best place to advertise your web site!

Sites Of EWS Accepting Monthly Advertising

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You can advertise on EWS in many ways... Monthly advertising is just the easiest, cheapest, and most basic form of advertising here! EWS accepts click through advertising, commision based advertising, more!! If you see a spot on any web page of EWS where you want your ad to be just e-mail me!! I'll most likelly be more than happy to do advertising with you!!

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